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We are centrally located in Southwest Michigan, allowing access to all the surrounding cities in our area. We would love to help you with your computer needs.
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Computer Service and Repair Shop
Located above L.A.'s Coffee Cafe
145 W. Michigan Ave
Three Rivers, MI 49093
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Web Design, Hosting, and Networking
406 E. Jefferson Ave
Three Rivers, MI 49093
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Web Design - It's what we do

Web Design - It's what we do
Visit http://www.zcss.com for your site design or redesign.

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Three Rivers, MI, United States
Building a long term relationship with our customers is our main goal. Learning about each specific problem and situation helps us to deliver unique and effective solutions for all problems large and small. Whether you are a small, medium or large business or a home computer user we are the best local choice. We offer, Computer repair, Networking – Wired and Wireless, Security, Anti-Spy-Ware and Anti-Virus, Data Backup, Data Recovery. If you need a website, programming or need a site hosted we apply the same philosophy to all our services. Simply put, we will take good care of you.

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e martë, 5 shkurt 2008

Big chain store service

Big corporate sucks! For years I have grown in my dislike of all things big and corporate. If the impersonal service isn’t bad enough the high prices on “retail” will be. We have had a couple “Geek Squad” employees interview here and they both said the same thing. They are only allowed to do certain things regardless of the problem and they just don’t care about the customer. Working with the heavy hand of corporate big brother watching your every move cant be fun, but hey, it’s a job right? Well below is a link to an article about “FireDog” which is Circuit City’s attempt at computer “service.”

Click here for the Article on the Consumerist

At our company we make a complete backup of your computer and keep it for 30 days. We also care about your problem and building a relationship so you keep coming back to us for more service. Our prices are also a fraction of what you will pay at the chain stores and we can typically have a computer done within a few days in lieu of a week or more at Dogfire or DorkSqaud. Stop by our location at 145 West Michigan, in Three Rivers Michigan and talk with David about your problem. We don’t charge for a consultation and we give good, free advice.